ZINA Workflow Management is able to understand a workflow and address tasks to different teams and users automatically. In that sense, the system will address the task to you or your team and will tell you how long this task is sitting there waiting for an action. By having an active workflow, you no longer need to wait for your colleague’s feedback to understand that your part of the process is ready to be executed. ZINA will do that for you.

ZINA Workflow Management Hardfacts

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Users Online

Users Online

+170 000

Custom Purchase Orders

Custom Purchase Orders

+1 million

Transactions in SAP executed automatically

Some testimonials

  • Claudia Rodrigues

    Claudia Rodrigues May of 2015

    Global operations incl supply chain and procurement

    Congratulations for all the team that has created and developed ZINA. This system was a fundamental step to open the possibility to a huge change in the order management in Brazil, making possible to implement SPOK that is the automation of significant part of the activities done in approximately 80% of all sales orders and invoice done in Brazil. Zina development was key to create this automation opportunity, bringing a significant cost reduction and a significant increase in the quality of invoices.

  • Rogerio Monteiro

    Rogerio Monteiro May of 2015

    Project analyst PL

    Gostaria de parabenizá-los pelo novo layout do ZINA, está bem mais facil de se fazer buscas e trabalhar nele. Parabéns mais uma vez...

  • Elisabete Mendonça

    Elisabete Mendonça May of 2015

    Account operations manager, Claro Brazil

    ZINA, uma ferramenta desenvolvida a partir do OCS_Siemens, com a finalidade de agilizar todo o trabalho de pós-vendas dos CTs, com maior confiabilidade e controle. Tenho orgulho de ter participado deste projeto vencedor e de ter colaborado para o CT da Claro ser o percurssor desta ferramenta. Parabéns, a todos que fazem com que o ZINA seja hoje, nossa base de dados mais completa e eficiente!

  • Ana Carolina

    Ana Carolina Sales Jul of 2010

    Contract analyst – CBT Oi

    Zina is making old wishes come true and this is just be beginning of a lot of things we can do better!.

  • Daniel Vieira

    Daniel Vieira Jul of 2010

    Senior project manager Oi São Paulo

    Zina has made Project Communication easier, faster and transparent, bringing a centralized and Transparent control for PO and Invoicing – It is just the beginning.

  • Flavio Rolim

    Flavio Rolim Jul of 2010

    ALM - Oi São Paulo

    Zina has come to make our jobs much more productive through automation and standardization, streamlining processes and considerably reducing mistakes”.

  • André de Menezes

    André de Menezes Jul of 2010

    Contract analyst – CBT Oi

    Zina is making old wishes come true and this is just be beginning of a lot of things we can do better!.

  • Marcio Gerbovic

    Marcio Gerbovic Jul of 2010

    Head of customer team Oi São Paulo

    No question that Zina addressed many issues that we had when talking about P.Os and the positive feedback that we had from Oi SP management team was a clear message that we are in the right track.

Customer Teams already powered by ZINA

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  • Algar
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